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40% of Americans are Deficient

40% of Americans are Deficient in Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a complex scientific problem that can trigger a lot of health issues later on in life especially in elderly people. I won't bore you with scientific jargon but I'll dive into the symptoms later. As some of you might know according to a study done by Tufts University over 40% of Americans are deficient in vitamin B12 and don't even know it. Heck in my opinion the number could be a lot higher. Theres over 300 million people in the US and 120 million are the ones who could be affected. I wonder what the other 60% are doing right.According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, B12 deficiencies are common in wealthier countries particularly among the elderly (they need B12 regularly cause memory problems are a huge issue) and even more prevalent in poorer populations around the world. So it's not a rich or poor thing. Now there could be a lot of factors why, such as manufacturing of food, diet, environment, politics, access to vitamins/supplements, public health and safety, etc. but again its complex and there are many reasons. The symptoms of B12 deficiency is long and they include mental issues like brain fog, low energy, fatigue, sexual problems/infertility, anxiety, depression, poor mood, poor memory (again, huge if youre over the age of 70 and need Deliver on a daily basis if youre 45 or older), muscle pain, thinning or grey hair and many more. Now youre probably wondering, I have those issues and I take B12 regularly. Not all B12 is the same and the same goes for everyone cause everyone is different. There could be other factors why so if youre concerned about B12 issues see a doctor who can determine whats going on with your levels and why youre not getting enough of it. It could make a huge difference for yourself and your community. I say this because 40% of Americans are deficient in B12 and they experience low energy, low focus, irritability, and memory issues which could become domino effect for society. I heard an experiment/study was done back in the 70s in a very dangerous part of the inner cities (It was not Detroit). Scientists put lithium in the water to see how the whole community would react. They found out that crime went down dramatically due to people feeling calmer and not as aggressive. Its troubling to here but it is the little things that can make a huge difference. B12 is nothing at all like lithium. So my point, what would happen to society if B12 deficiency went down 10%Would we see a difference in performance, attention levels, how we get along with others, safety, productivity, even our health.What if it went down to 15%.How would the environment be in everyday life.Everybody would be a little more focused, paid attention, better memory, and more importantly a lot nicer and a lot less aggressive. Its the little things that can make a difference to your health and everyone else around it. So besides B12 being extremely important for elderly that are concerned about dementia and vegans/vegetarians concerned about anemia, B12, such as Deliver, should be taken regularly to help produce better energy, focus, and mood to get you through the day. And of course if you're concerned about the symptoms of low B12 levels see a doctor and make Deliver part of your daily routine. You could make life a little bit easier for yourself and everyone around it.

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