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Why did we choose the Farber Center Soul Center

Did you know for every bottle of Detroit Vitamins liquid B12 Deliver purchased .25 cents goes towards the Friendship Circles Farber Soul Center Why did we choose this great organization when there are other charitable organizations out there The Farber Soul Center, which is part of the Friendship Circle supports individuals with special needs and their families by providing social, educational and vocational programming. The Friendship Circle focuses on kids and young teens with special needs, but what happens when they get older Thats where the Farber Soul Center comes in to help young adults and older to have an outlet to grow, work, and learn. The Farber Soul Center consists of an art gallery, banquet center and a delicious restaurant called the Soul Cafe. Detroit Vitamin is the comeback brand that hopes to provide a motivational message of breaking through your limits, moving forward and achieving goals. Dont let anything hold you back from being happy and content. With our great message we hope to provide something extra to the Farber Soul Center to continue on their great mission, helping out individuals with special needs to learn, grow, and to better themselves. No limits. We are getting healthy.

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