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We are Getting Healthy

  • 40% of Americans are Deficient

    40% of Americans are Deficient in Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 deficiency is a complex scientific problem that can trigger a lot of health issues later on in life especially in elderly people. I won't bore you with scientific jargon but I'll dive into the symptoms later. As some of you might know according to a study done by Tufts University over 40% of Americans are deficient in vitamin B12 and don't even know it. Heck in my opinion the number could be a lot higher. Theres over 300 million people in the US and 120 million are the ones who could be affected. I wonder what the other 60% are doing right.According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, B12 deficiencies are common in wealthier countries particularly among the elderly (they need B12 regularly cause memory problems are a huge issue) and even more prevalent in poorer populations around the world. So it's not a rich or poor thing. Now there could be a lot of factors why, such as manufacturing of food, diet, environment, politics, access to vitamins/supplements, public health and safety, etc. but again its complex and there are many reasons. The symptoms of B12 deficiency is long and they include mental issues like brain fog, low energy, fatigue, sexual problems/infertility, anxiety, depression, poor mood, poor memory (again, huge if youre over the age of 70 and need Deliver on a daily basis if youre 45 or older), muscle pain, thinning or grey hair and many more. Now youre probably wondering, I have those issues and I take B12 regularly. Not all B12 is the same and the same goes for everyone cause everyone is different. There could be other factors why so if youre concerned about B12 issues see a doctor who can determine whats going on with your levels and why youre not getting enough of it. It could make a huge difference for yourself and your community. I say this because 40% of Americans are deficient in B12 and they experience low energy, low focus, irritability, and memory issues which could become domino effect for society. I heard an experiment/study was done back in the 70s in a very dangerous part of the inner cities (It was not Detroit). Scientists put lithium in the water to see how the whole community would react. They found out that crime went down dramatically due to people feeling calmer and not as aggressive. Its troubling to here but it is the little things that can make a huge difference. B12 is nothing at all like lithium. So my point, what would happen to society if B12 deficiency went down 10%Would we see a difference in performance, attention levels, how we get along with others, safety, productivity, even our health.What if it went down to 15%.How would the environment be in everyday life.Everybody would be a little more focused, paid attention, better memory, and more importantly a lot nicer and a lot less aggressive. Its the little things that can make a difference to your health and everyone else around it. So besides B12 being extremely important for elderly that are concerned about dementia and vegans/vegetarians concerned about anemia, B12, such as Deliver, should be taken regularly to help produce better energy, focus, and mood to get you through the day. And of course if you're concerned about the symptoms of low B12 levels see a doctor and make Deliver part of your daily routine. You could make life a little bit easier for yourself and everyone around it.

  • Why liquid?

    When my idea for Detroit Vitamin first came to mind, I decided to take action and find out what people were looking for in vitamins and supplements. I've been seeing a chiropractor for a while and he told me a lot of people don't like taking capsules or pills. They want ease, convenience, not something that they have to take with water, especially when there is nothing to take it with. They can just take it now and let it dissolve in the system. This does not bother me as much because I've taken millions of pills, vitamins, and capsules and I've always seemed to have water on standby. Mainly because I've taken all my vitamins in the morning and sometimes at night. I can see what my chiropractor was getting at because it is annoying to swallow a pill and have that feeling that it gets stuck in your throat. You know, that pill stuck in your throat feeling, and you can drink all the water you want, but it does not go away after a couple minutes to an hour.Not to mention who knows if these pills and capsules fully absorb into the body and hardly any of the vitamin(s) goes into the system. And if you're a senior citizen that has to take pills on a daily basis, a liquid vitamin such as Deliver, can absorb quickly into the bloodstream, especially taken under the tongue (sublingually). This is because Deliver bypasses the harsh environment of your stomach and quickly DELIVERS the B12 with maximum bioavailability. Once again, Deliver liquid B12 drops are scientifically formulated to absorb faster and digest easier when compared to other vitamin B12 products. Methylcobalamin is used which is the healthiest and longest lasting type of vitamin B12, and combined with premium Aloe Vera juice helps with digestion and gut health. Not to mention a lot of these vitamins/supplements are not the tastiest. Ya I know you're not supposed to eat or chew vitamins (unless instructed) but you can get a quick taste off of it when it's in your mouth. The good news is that Deliver is the best tasting B12 liquid on the market with no sugar and with a delightful wild berry flavor that's great on its own, mixed perfectly with juice, smoothies, or any liquid hot or cold. It's water soluble so if you take too much of it or the whole bottle (1 bottle will last 1 month) you'll only be running to the bathroom to pee it out. At the end of the day Deliver liquid B12 is designed in many ways to help improve focus, energy, memory, mood, protect the nervous system, restore balance and relieve hangover symptoms without the trouble of pills or capsules.

  • Why deliver? Benefits?

    70s icon David Cassidy at 66 years old, recently revealed back in February that he has been battling dementia which causes major memory issues. There is no cure for dementia. If you don't know who David Cassidy is, chances are your parents and grandparents do and you might have watched the Partridge Family on Nick at Nite back in the 90s. Anyone over the age of 45 years should be concerned with their memory and their B12 levels to prevent dementia. As I mentioned in the facts section on, seniors often develop problems with the acids and stomach enzymes needed to process B12, which commonly causes major memory issues such as dementia due low vitamin B12 levels. If you're 45 and older and concerned about memory issues you might need more B12. I want to make this clear, B12 DOES NOT CURE DEMENTIA, but it can help prevent memory issues and possibly other issues down the road. As usual, its better to prepare for the fire before the fire happens.

    The obvious eating right, exercising often, getting enough sleep and taking the right vitamins regularly like B12. Not all B12 is the same. Tablets and capsules can be hard to dissolve and B12 injections can hurt. Im not saying B12 injections are bad, but in severe situations, I understand people have no choice but to need them. If you just need it to feel better as a quick fix there are other easier less painful options. Deliver has Aloe Vera juice, which helps ease digestion, making it easier for older people to take especially seniors. They can take it under their tongue or mix it with water or juice. Theres a lot of factors that can cause dementia and lots of things you can do to help prevent it, especially if youre using the right B12 like Deliver.

  • Why did we choose the Farber Center Soul Center

    Did you know for every bottle of Detroit Vitamins liquid B12 Deliver purchased .25 cents goes towards the Friendship Circles Farber Soul Center Why did we choose this great organization when there are other charitable organizations out there The Farber Soul Center, which is part of the Friendship Circle supports individuals with special needs and their families by providing social, educational and vocational programming. The Friendship Circle focuses on kids and young teens with special needs, but what happens when they get older Thats where the Farber Soul Center comes in to help young adults and older to have an outlet to grow, work, and learn. The Farber Soul Center consists of an art gallery, banquet center and a delicious restaurant called the Soul Cafe. Detroit Vitamin is the comeback brand that hopes to provide a motivational message of breaking through your limits, moving forward and achieving goals. Dont let anything hold you back from being happy and content. With our great message we hope to provide something extra to the Farber Soul Center to continue on their great mission, helping out individuals with special needs to learn, grow, and to better themselves. No limits. We are getting healthy.

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